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Brad Ralph believes in continuing the current growth and prosperity of Dodge City while meeting responsibilities the state has to its educators, public safety workers and all its citizens.



Dodge City schools employ highly skilled and caring teachers who care about our students. Having produced unprecidented back-to-back Dodge City recipients of the Kansas Teacher of the Year awards, our schools have demonstrated they are leaders in Kansas education. "Dodge City's successful educators need support in Topeka to continue their oustanding work moving forward." Brad Ralph will demonstrate the leadership needed for Topeka to once again provide that support to our teachers.


Kansas is at a crossroads and needs a return to responsibility in meeting its financial obligations. "Some untested policies have been tried recently, but they are not working and it's time to move forward in a new direction." Brad Ralph will return the state's focus to providing appropriate support to those that depend upon it so every Kansan can be confident today and secure in the future.

119th District

Many of the constituents of the Kansas 119th District consider themselves to be residents of Dodge City, but there are some who live in the surrounding regions instead. People living in the areas around Dodge City share many concerns with those who live within the city limits, but some of their issues are unique. Brad's professional and life experience, as well as growing up on a small Dodge City farm, means he appreciates those unique challenges and will represent all the voters of the 119th district, city and country residents alike.

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